About Us


Our experience has allowed us to learn the jobs, develop our skills, and grow as a team.  We have encountered numerous challenges and potential project roadblocks, only to overcome them with innovative techniques.  From large bridge installations, to massive transformer placements, we have worked with each client to ensure their project’s needs are uniquely met.


At Pro-Tech, we take pride in the equipment we use. We have modern machines, customized to suit our needs.  We ensure the proper maintenance of all our equipment for safety and reliability.  Our large fleet and our rigorous maintenance schedule means we come to your project ready to work, every time. 


We specialize in heavy and light industrial moving.  Whether you need us to relocate a 2,000 ton ferry hull or a finished bridge section, we have the team, equipment and knowledge to make this happen.  We bring the same focused and strategic planning approach, along with the team to do the job, for your small transformer, machinery relocation or HVAC placement.

Experience the difference expertise, professionalism and the right equipment make when moving your project: Contact Pro-Tech today.