Specialty Rigging

Specialty Rigging is a skill developed by experience.  Every company needs to start somewhere, but why trust your equipment to be rigged by an inexperienced crew, when you can have Pro-Tech's 50 years of experience?

Rigging is an almost unique set up for every single project.  That is why we first train our team to know the baseline of safe rigging.  We then catalogue our rigging experiences in project debriefs and tool box meetings, so each of our team members can take the value of specialized rigging, or aspects of the rigging, onto the next project.  Multiply this experience and process over thousands of hours of jobs, and the resulting expertise is what you get when you hire Pro-Tech.

We provide the necessary and certified rigging to hoist and move your equipment into place as safely as possible.

Call us today to discuss your next project and leave the specialty rigging to the best in the business.