Crane Services

In industrial moving, cranes play an important role in off-loading, hoisting, and placing equipment.  At Pro-Tech, we have extensive experience in offering crane services.  We use cranes ranging from 6 to 270 ton capacity to support our industrial moving projects.  Regardless of the scope of the lift, we maintain a process which puts safety first, ensuring we take the right steps to effectively hoist your equipment.  All of our knuckle boom cranes are fully operated and maintained by experienced Pro-Tech professionals.  All operators have Trade Qualification Tickets, and are compliant with BCACS regulations.

At Pro-Tech we consider the scope of the project, we assess the optimal location for the lift, and we engineer a plan; we will determine the maximum lifting radius so we can send the right sized crane for your project.  Our commitment is to execute your lift with the appropriate crane, safely and professionally.

With Pro-Tech you get:

  • Extensive Crane Experience
  • Safety First Project Planning
  • Critical Lift and Standard Lift Plans
  • Experienced Operators
  • Quality Equipment

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