Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are major factors when it comes to residential, commercial, and industrial construction and maintenance.  HVAC units help to stabilize the heating and cooling temperature in a building.  This in turn allows companies to create positive and productive working environments.

Typically, most HVAC units are rooftop units, requiring a crane to hoist the units into place.  However, with some projects the size and placement of the unit does not allow cranes to be used, or the crane would be excessively large and expensive.  This is when the specialized skills of our industrial moving teams are required to help place a unit.

How we can help:

  • Rooftop Derrick Crane
  • Specialty Gantry Equipment
  • Specialty Roller Equipment for Rolling HVAC Units Into Place
  • Project Experience of Rooftop Loading
  • Safe and Secure Operation of Installations
  • Engineered Solutions for Rooftop Lifting

Whether you need to install rooftop units or large industrial chillers, in the basement or on the 40th floor, we have the experience, equipment and people required to help you with your project.  Call us today for a quote on your next HVAC project.