Electrical Equipment Moving

Electrical systems are a complex combination of wiring, breaker boxes, switches and other machinery.  Electrical contractors are responsible for the installation and maintenance of these systems.  These systems can have electrical equipment that is big, awkward and difficult to transport.

At Pro-Tech we offer support with electrical equipment moving and installation.  We also often receive an entire project's worth of equipment from various suppliers to allow convenient delivery to your jobsite.  Our COR certification and years of experience allows us to expertly move even heavy and awkward equipment into buildings and remote locations.  Our ability to problem-solve efficiently, for minimal cost, means we are a valuable partner in the electrical field. 

We have worked with:

  • Back-up Generators
  • Transformers
  • Control Switches
  • Electrical Controls and Switchgear
  • Industrial Engines 

Contact us today to see how Pro-Tech can help meet your electrical project requirements.